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About Us

I am Fee. A real person behind all this information on this site.

My name is Fee. I live in Brisbane with my gorgeous family. I never had to worry about my weight could eat whatever I liked custard for dinner when I was 20 yup Im admitting that in writing. Even had three babies wore my pre-pregnancy jeans home each time from the hospital (yup once of those)- well until I hit 30 something. Then it was like something had just switched off. I felt like my metabolism had packed its bags and left. I had slowly allowed the weight to creep on until one day I saw my belly in the reflection of the stainless steel towel rail and felt mortified that I had let myself get that way ;(

I personally have tried –

-Lite N Easy                                                 -Tony Ferguson shakes

-Michelle Bridges                                         -Optislim

-Nutrigenix                                                   -Even tried Duromine (I know ;/)

Only to put the weight back on. I had joined the gym doing hour long work outs several times a week and whilst I really loved my local body jam class and it did help a little it was hard on my knees and I was exhausted trying to fit it all on top of having a family building our home whilst renovating another, hubbies business and working. I had begun following this protocol taking these capsules and had literally lost weight overnight. I had to get on and off the scales three times. I had lost 5 kgs in the first week. I made my husband get on the scales to make sure they were in fact not broken (id had them forever). At day 40 I had lost 12 kilos my first short round. I was wrapped. I had dropped sizes in my clothing. My jeans that I brought in America two years ago that I couldn’t even do up I strutted around in front of my hubby proudly being a fool. It was EXCITING! I was super excited to be able to rip the tag off and wear them out to a friends house.

Customers have been sharing their awesome stories losing 300 grams to a kilo per day following the meal plan that is provided when you purchase the product. I love receiving their emails. I love even more seeing their progress photos.

We have a wonderful support group of people that are already on the program sharing their weight loss photos, recipes they have come up with, its a positive place to just hang out when the temptations of life try to sneak in. There is always someone around to chat to. They are all at different stages some just starting on program some doing their second and third rounds. Once you purchase your program we add you to this closed private group (nobody else can see your comments only those that are also in the group) so you can chat before you even get your products. I am personally active in this forum and here to help where and if you need it.

Im excited for you to begin your journey and look forward to you sharing your successes.

Fee x

These guys are amazing. Best Support team ever! Have no idea what I would have done without you and the deserts Tanya came up with to cure my sugar cravings lol Thank you guys so much! I highly recommend these products. I aimed for 10 and I lost 11 kilos before I went on my cruise even wore a bikini. Jen

Thanks Natural Slimmer for helping me lose 33 kilos and still counting. I use to have knee issues from my weight which I dont have anymore and have so much more energy. I feel so amazing. Fee and the girls in the Forum I cannot thank you enough for your ongoing kicks in butt haha. Feeling so excited to see my photos go up on the before and after page woohoo x M

Cannot thank Fee enough for introducing me to Natural Slimmer. I am stoked I have lost 24 kilos in time for my wedding. I felt amazing on my special day and got to buy the dress of my dreams. It is easy to follow once you get started. The support group come up with some amazing recipes with the allowable foods. Creamy chicken secretly one of my faves. Thanks Fee  xxx Nat