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Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find handy

I get there is a lot of information to take in. Whilst the diet program has been made to be super simple you may have further questions. I hope we have answered most of them below. Otherwise If you need a hand with anything not covered on this page just shout out to me on the contact us page

What is the Natural Slimmer Program?

Natural Slimmer Program is a low calorie rapid weight loss program. Following the supplied program alongside using the Diet Drops ARTG 256014 (hormone-free) OR Soft-Gel Capsules (hormone-free) ARTG 212467 assisting to reduce weight. Our modern formulas are based on the principles of adipose release and fat burning. Once you have decided if you want to do 25 or 50 days and if you want to use drops or capsules you eat as per usual for 2-3 days getting the formula through your body. You then get on with the Weightloss stage for the remainder of the cycle. Once you have completed the round of capsules you move on to Maintenance stage for minimum 2-4 weeks to maintain your goal weight. If you then wish to do another round you go back eating as you currently are for 2-3 days again and begin another round of weight loss.

The program is very easy to follow with simple foods and the food is not boring or bland. Its amazing what you come up with or the recipes shared in the forum. Butter chicken, spaghetti bog, hamburgers, roasts yummm Or/ Keep it as simple as you wish. We have a support group that we join you to once you have purchased your items which moves daily with comments of support, recipes, weekly meal plan suggestions you can use, download and edit, before and after shares etc. It is a great group to be part of.

How do I know if this is going to work for me?

Any age and gender can use these products. Provided you follow the Natural Slimmer Program Manual you receive with your purchase you will have successful losses. I have personally taken the capsules along with following the suggested food lists etc and had successful losses. If you have medical conditions it is best to consult your doctor the list of ingredients is below if you have ANY concerns.

Clients in past have used the Natural Slimmer products who have had health conditions and had great success on the program. Those include conditions such as , Polycycstic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), Diabetes people using anti depressants, Graves disease, High blood Pressure, FODMAPS, Under active thyroid, or no thyroid. We do no recommend breastfeeding mummies (sorry you could certainly start the moment you have finished feeding 😉  Please consult your doctor before purchasing and you’re of course welcome to send me an email or message to chat further prior to purchasing.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

We are all different so this varies however on average Natural Slimmers lose on average 7 kgs in 21 days some between 300grams -1 kilo a day (you could lose more or less depending on how you follow the program). Factors to affect your losses are water intake, are you following the program, cheating, how much weight you have to lose and your metabolism rate. Those that stick strictly to the Program would obviously have greater successes.

When you purchase the 25 day plan as a guide you could lose up to 7 kilos.

When you purchase the 50 day plan you can as a guide lose in excess of 7- 18 kilos.

Again sticking to the program proves for more successful losses.

Which program should I choose 25 or 50 day?

Both the drops and the capsules work the same way giving you the same results. The Capsules you take once a day (some find this more convenient and transportable), where as the drops you take three times a day under the tongue (which some find mentally keeps them on track). Both produce the same weight loss results it’s just a matter of choice. You take one or the other you don’t take both

Do you need to lose under 7 kgs?

The 25  day Natural Slimmer Soft Gel Capsules or 30ml diet drops would be suitable for those that are looking to lose up to 7kgs* and will last you 25 days.

Do you need to lose 7 kgs or more?

The 50 day Natural Slimmer Soft Gel Capsules or 60ml diet drops would be suitable for those that are looking to lose more than 7kgs*

For those that are wanting to lose more than 20kgs it would be better to purchase 2 or more rounds of 50 days which will be the cheapest way of purchasing. We have packages on our website to save further if purchasing together. Look under packages.

*Supplied Natural Slimmer Program must be adhered to. Individual results will vary.

Natural Slimmer Soft Gel Capsules or drops?

Some people find swallowing tablets difficult so they would be better to stick to the drops. Personally I find the capsules easier and more transportable. There is no difference in the Program for either only that you take drops instead of capsules. Its a personal choice

What happens once I buy my product? What do I receive?

You will receive

  • Your purchased Natural Simmer drops or capsules,
  • Natural Slimmer Program Manual
  • Instructions
  • Detailed food lists,
  • Access to our private forum- Recipes and photos, general chat, weekly meal plans, downloadable items, hints tips etc
  • Ongoing support

We want you to succeed so give you as much support as we can.

How does the Natural Slimmer Program work?

There are four stages to the process.

Formulation Stage– For 2-3 days whilst you take the Natural Slimmer Soft capsules/drops you eat healthy oils such as olive macadamia coconut and avocado oils. Any vegetables meat dairy and fruits. Cheeses, nuts etc. You can enjoy some “naughty foods” if you perhaps wish to say a big bye for a little while.

Weightloss – Whilst taking your Natural Slimmer capsules or drops you simply eat following the allowable foods list in the Natural Slimmer Program Manual supplied with your purchase. There is no counting calories it has been worked out for you in the Program. You follow this until you have finished your Natural Slimmer Soft Gel Caps or Diet Drops. The formula allows you to survive on 2000 calories per day. The formula assists in suppressing your appetite and assists in accessing your stored fats.

Maintenance – Following the Natural Slimmer Program you will be given more of a variety of foods and again – no counting calories. Resetting your metabolism maintaining your goal weight. This phase is just as important as previous phases. If planning another round you need to remain on Maintenance for minimum of 4 weeks. We want your rounds and losses to be successful This allows your body to reset.

Life After losing – If you have achieved your goal weight you can return to your normal 1200-1500 calorie a day eating plan introducing normal foods slowly again. IF you have more weight to lose you can return and do another round again starting from the Formulation phase again.

Note- The Natural Slimmer Soft Capsules and Diet Drops cannot be taken together it is one or the other. You cannot also simply take the Capsules or Diet Drops you have to follow the issued Natural Slimmer Program using the allowable foods list. These chosen foods in this program have been carefully tested and selected as they have the least amount of sugars and starches/Carbohydrates. We do have weekly menu plans you can download from the private support forum and recipes to make things easier for you.

It is important to also note that we are all on our own journey yours may be different to your best friend doing it. Our bodies are all different. If you are concerned along the way just drop me a message and we can have a chat. If you are concerned medically it is important to seek medical advice prior to your purchase or if you have any concerns during the Program with anything you’re worried about.

Will I gain weight after Formulation Loading stage?

Possibly. Depends on how much you load and what choices of food you are consuming. You don’t need to overeat. Don’t flip out you’ll shift this when you start on the Wieghtloss Stage provided you stick to the Natural Slimmers Program.

What ingredients are in the Natural Slimmer Soft Capsules?

The Natural Slimmers Soft Gel Capsules have been quality tested and have earned a – AUST L number – ARTG212467. They are hormone free and contain a specific combination of amino acids and herbal/plant extracts. This potent Gel Capsule is slow release and is to be taken ten minutes prior to your protein meals (lunch and/or dinner). If following method one you only need to take one capsule each day. I preferred to take it prior to lunch so if I forgot I took take the capsule at dinner time.

Ingredients include: Alanine, Cysteine Hydrochloride, Glutamine, Histidine, Leucine, Levocarnitine, Nicotinic Acid, Omithine Monohydrochloride,Threonine, Rhodiola Rose Root, Astragalus Membranaceus Root and Citrus Aurantium.


Ingredients are listed on each item throughout the page if you want to go into shop and click on each product

What ingredients are in the Natural Slimmer Diet Drops?

The Natural Slimmers Diet drops (ARTG 213917) are hormone free and non-homeopathic(they don’t contain any hormones or vibration hormones). Made in Australia right here in Brisbane facility, containing Australian only compliant ingredients with Guaranteed Quality Control and testing to Australian Standards. Maintaining rigorous standards and testing through all phases of production including pharmaceutical grade GMP. Products cannot come from any animal and have to be 100% natural in order to be TGA compliant.

Ingredients include: Alanine, Glutamine, Histidine, Leucine, Levocarnitine, Nicotinic Acid Omithine, Monohydrochloride,Threonine, Rhodiola Rose Root, Camellia Sinsensis, Ethanol and Potassium Sorbate.

Is there side affects?

Some find they may get a headache in the first week, this is your body talking to you regarding your diet change and the detox process that is occurring. This will fade in the first 2-3 days once it’s done detoxing. Lots of water can certainly help this process. Constipation has occurred in some program participants, however, this is short term again your body talking to you regarding diet change a fibre supplement can certainly help get things moving again or laxitive if required. Some dont have any problems with this others may Everyone is different. If you are concerned you should consult your doctor prior to your purchase.

How do the Natural Slimmer Soft Gel Slow Release Caps and Natural Slimmer Diet drops work?

The Natural Slimmer Soft Slow Release Capsules assist in resetting your metabolism. Specifically formulated to target stored stubborn stored fat (adipose fat) the hardest fat to shift that most diets fail to address. The product works to use up fat storage as fuel/energy stimulating the Hypothalamus gland causing it to release fat stores and suppress your appetite which can burn up to 2000 of your own bodies calories per day along with the low sugar low starch (carbs) meal plan.

Can I exercise whilst on Natural Slimmers Program?

Method 1 – (500 calories, 1 capsule per day before protein meal – lunch or dinner)

Light exercise is only recommended walking, yoga, Pilates, walking dog, light lifting resistance etc. On this method it is best to steer away from high cardio high calorie burning exercises (eg running, high intensity aerobics). Too much exercise can cause the body to go into storage mode and hold on to the fat, fighting against the program.

IF you love exercise you may be better suited to Method 2.

Method 2 – (800 – 1000 calories) this method is similar to Method 1 however you have more calories for breakfast and higher protein intake. To address the additional calories, our highly successful hormone-free soft gel capsules has been formulated with a complete profile of powerful amino acids plus the fullest range of herbal and plant extract support. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) form part of the supporting ingredients. This powerful formulation has been developed to support the same results as the 500 calorie program. No counting calories.

If you are concerned please do contact us and we can have a chat about it. We want you to have successful losses.

How do I know if I should do Method 1 or 2?

Most start on Method 1 and test the water. You will soon know if you have been going to gym and find yourself hungry that you will perhaps need to consider moving over to Method 2. It is best not to chop and change between the methods. We can help you with this as you go along.

What are some of the foods on the Natural Slimmers Program?

Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to eat boring!

Marinated Beef Strips, Creamy Mustard Chicken and Vegies, Spaghetti Bolognese Hot chicken salad, Butter Chicken, Jerked Chicken, Omlettes.


  • Protein: Beef / fish / chicken / egg whites / seafood
  • Vegetarian proteins: Eggs /skim cottage cheese / whey protein powder
  • Vegetables: Spinach / cucumber / tomato / onion / lettuce / radishes and many more
  • Fruit: Apple / orange / strawberry / grapefruit
  • Any herbs and spices. Apple cider vinegar or low salt gluten free soy sauce is also allowed
  • Drinks: water, herbal teas, tea & coffee (only 1 tablespoon of milk per day)


  • Protein: beef / fish / chicken / egg whites / seafood / lamb / salmon / tuna / cottage cheese / whipped cream and many more
  • Vegetarian proteins: Eggs /skim cottage cheese / whey protein powder / chickpeas / lentils / tofu
  • Vegetables: Mushrooms / snow peas / avocado / broccoli / cauliflower / beans and greens as well as all those listed in Phase 2 plus many more
  • Fruit: Pears /apricots /raspberries / guava / plums and many more plus those listed in Phase 2
  • Any herbs and spices. Apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar or low salt gluten free soy sauce is also allowed
  • Drinks: water, herbal teas, tea & coffee

Why cant I just do a low calorie diet why do I need the Natural Slimmers capsules or drops?

When you try to lose weight on a low calorie diet alone, you will first lose normal fat reserves. Only then as a last resort will your body deplete abnormal fat reserves. By now you’ll be feeling weak, hungry most likely in starvation mode, and will lose all motivation. Losing the wrong fat or muscle can leave you famished, tired, and face becomes drawn and haggard but the body shows little signs of weight loss. The fat you are trying to lose remains in place however the fat the body needs to cover the bones and vital organs depletes. The Natural Slimmers Program is used with the Natural Slimmers Soft Capsules or Diet drops to allow your body to use up your abnormal unwanted fat storage as fuel/energy. This program has been tried and tested and customers come back sometimes for second and third rounds after large losses.

Are the Natural Slimmers Capsules and Diet Drops safe?

Yes. VERY safe.  The Program has been based off a Protocol that has been around for over fifty years. Natural Slimmers Program are one of very few companies offering Australian made Weight Management drops ARTG 213917 which are hormone free and Soft Gel Capsules ARTG L 212467 also hormone free. Those little numbers are the comfort you need knowing that the Natural Slimmers Products are proudly manufactured in a licensed Australian Facility, Australian Compliant with Guaranteed Quality Control and Testing to Australian Standards (Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA). We maintain rigorous standards and testing through all phases of production including pharmaceutical grade GMPc Even our plastic containers are SAFE P.E.T.

No preservtives

Hormone free

No additives

100% natural ingredients

Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten free.

Can I consume alcohol?

Sorry no you cannot consume alcohol whilst on the Natural Slimmer Program.

Will I be hungry?

There is a generous quantity of food approx  3-4 cups per meal so plenty of food. During the first week your body is learning to not only detox, but to take on the extra water you’re consuming and adjust to the different healthy food types. we call this the shake up. We all react differently depending of course on the quantities of food you were consuming prior and the types of foods. Some may feel some mild hunger, however if you do Formulation days 1-3 correctly this feeling shouldn’t last long at all. This is why formulation for 2-3 days is super important. Getting you prepped for the week of adjustment ahead getting the formula through your body.  By second week things settle by following the Natural Slimmer Program, along with taking the formula, which is now circulating your body which is consuming the abnormal fat. Half a kilo of fat contains about 3000 – 3,500 calories. Using the Natural Slimmer Diet Plan and Diet Drops or Soft Gel Caps on the low calorie diet uses the extra calories from the abnormal fat reserves. The used abnormal fat storage is making up for the low calorie intake and is enough calories for daily functions. Your appetite will decrease as your body adjusts your metabolic rate also due to the amount of calories circulating in your system from the fat being released. The allowable quantities are very generous and if following the Natural Slimmers Program you should not feel hungry.

  • Ensure you’re drinking lots of water (we want to flush the unwanted fats out as quickly as possible. Um the clearer the pee the better ok too much info haha).
  • Ensure you’re eating the allowable quantities. Its not in your favour to skimp on these hoping to lose weight faster. You don’t want to go into storage mode we want the body working.
  • Perhaps introduce miracle rice/noodles/slendier available at supermarkets in health food isle or in gluten free section. We often have this for sale also if you find it hard to find
  • Drink some green teas or fruit teas or even make jelly out your tea yummo
  • Bulk up meals eg spag bog with negative calorie vegies – celery, onions or even cabbage.
  • Have your snacks if you need them or spread your food over the day eg – apple half now half later or additional negative calorie foods.
  • Join our Facebook support page Natural Slimmer Program – support group. There are always loads of ideas and recipes flowing through on forum daily, contributed by all on the program.

What if I am pregnant or planning on getting pregnant?


IF planning on getting pregnant or become pregnant during the diet please stop taking formulas and consult your doctor. If you are shrieking at the thought of getting pregnant please note this will not interfere with any form of birth control.See your doctor with an concerns.

Will I gain the weight after I finish the program?

After you have done the full round finishing your capsules/drops you record your final weight. This becomes your goal weight. To maintain this goal weight you need to follow through with the Maintenance which is just as important as the losing stage. After you finish the program and decide you’re at your goal weight and do not need to do a further round you will be able to add additional foods into your diet slowly raising your calories back to 1200-1500 calories. You will probably notice your appetite has changed and you may not need that many calories or your eating habits have changed. however If one went straight back into the same dietary habits that caused the excess weight in the first place, then one has to expect weight will eventually increase. So it is best to take notice of how the food youre consuming affects your body. You may not be able to handle as much sugar as you used to reaching your “eek factor” level quicker than you once would. This is the perfect time to start introducing some exercise to maintain your goal weight. You’ve said goodbye to that old you. Celebrate the new you and celebrate healthy living from here on.


I cannot live without coffee?

Haha me neither. Lucky for you it is on allowable list. You can still have coffee on the program you will just need to limit the amount of dairy you are putting in it.

Can I just add extra foods making it the same calorie amounts?

The food list has been created specifically for this program taking these drops/capsules as support. It isnt about just the calorie count is about the make up of the foods that are allowed to be consumed. Starches natural sugars, carbs, fibres and the make up of some foods affect the body in different ways. By not following this list of allowable foods will have adverse affect on your weight loss. To have the most success whilst following the Natural Slimmer Program we recommend you stick to the food list. We want you to succeed in your weight loss journey.

What if I start the 25 day Natural Slimmers plan and I want to continue on?

Some buy the 50 day Natural Slimmer plan see how they go for 25 days and continue on. Some get to 25 need a break go on to Maintenance then start a new round using the second half of their bottle for a further 25 days.

If you have purchased 25 days and wish to do a further 25 days be sure to buy your additional capsules in advance so you don’t run out. If you’d like a break you go on to maintenance then can start a new round with either a further 25 or 50 days.

My losses seemed to have stalled should I continue or stop?

You may reach a time in the plan that you seemed to have stalled for a day or two. Then there is a sudden loss then back to normal losses. These fluctuations are entirely due to variations in the retention and elimination of water, which are more noticeable in women than men. Fat cells empty then appear to become filled with water as the body works on breaking down the cell membrane. Once it does this, the fluid is released and weight drops.We call this the flush. It is not uncommon for a plateau at some stage through your weight loss journey, we have a few ways of attacking this that are explained in depth in the manual you receive when you have purchased the Natural Slimmer Program.

Also check the following –

– Are any oils, fats, sugars, carbs, starches creeping into your diet.

– For women: Fluid retention during menstruation and ovulation is common keep going it will pass

– Fluid retention can also occur when sunburnt or if you have a cold.

Also make sure you’re taking your measurements as some people their bodies have a mind of their own and redistribute the fat from those place where is it is in excess to other places where it is lacking so their weight may remain the same but their shape changes.

How long can I store the capsules?

Each batch has an expiry date and batch number. When not in use just keep them nice and dry and away from heat. Store under 30degrees.

Should I do a Detox prior to starting Natural Slimmers Program?

It is never a bad idea to Detox every now and then even if not dieting. However The weightloss phase of this program serves as a Detox since sugars, carbs and processed foods are all avoided. A prior Detox could possibly lesson the withdrawals that may be experienced (by way of lethargy, headache from an abrupt removal of sugars and carbs from your diet. We sell a Detox tablet if you wanted to add this to your order or Google one online there are plenty available. Short answer is if you want to go for it but it isn’t necessary.

I cheated now what?

If you deviate (cheat) from the instructions, there is a chance that you may stall for sometimes a day or two. BUT life happens were all human don’t beat yourself up learn from it and move on. Start tomorrow fresh taking your capsule like normal and drink plenty of water to assist the body in flushing it out.

You keep saying ARTG what exactly is it?

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) is the central point of control for the legal supply of therapeutic goods in Australia. Ensuring total Australian regulatory compliance, as well as the highest quality control and testing conditions that exist for Australian Pharmaceuticals. In short it is a few little numbers we are VERY proud to display on our bottles.

My question hasnt been answered here how can I contact you?

If you have already purchased the products the quickest way for assistance is to go to the Natural Slimmer Program – Support Group. Here we can assist you.

If you need assistance with deciding on which products you would like to use you can go to our Contact Us Page.


Thank you x