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Natural Slimmer Program is a low calorie rapid weight loss program. Following the supplied program alongside using the Diet Drops ARTG 256014 (hormone-free) OR Soft-Gel Capsules (hormone-free) ARTG 212467 assisting to reduce weight. Our modern formulas are based on the principles of adipose release and fat burning. Once you have decided if you want to do 25 or 50 days and if you want to use drops or capsules you eat as per usual for 2-3 days  getting the formula through your body. You then get on with the Weightloss stage for the remainder of the cycle. Once you have completed the round of capsules you move on to Maintenance stage for minimum 2-4 weeks to maintain your goal weight. If you then wish to do another round you go back eating as you currently are for 2-3 days again and begin another round of weight loss.

The program is very easy to follow with simple foods and the food is not boring or bland. Its amazing what you come up with or the recipes shared in the forum. Butter chicken, spaghetti bog, hamburgers, roasts yummm Or/  Keep it as simple as you wish. We have a support group that we join you to once you have purchased your items which moves daily with comments of support, recipes, weekly meal plan suggestions you can use, download and edit, before and after shares etc. It is a great group to be part of.  Here is a break down of the Program.

Eat as per usual for 2-3 days whilst taking the formula. Eat well – Stick to eating healthy oils; avoid junk foods with trans fats. You can say goodbye for a while to some “naughty foods”.

Things like any vegetables, any meat, any dairy, any fruit, avocados, nuts and “healthy oils” include coconut oil, olive oil, cheeses, avocado oil, macadamia oil etc. Very important to load correctly so your body can adjust to phase 2. This allows formula to build in the body, encouraging good nutrient stocks as well as temporary energy stores which is just as important as the weightloss step of the program.

Weightloss– Calorie controlling. Following the Program Manual allowable food list -Foods have been chosen specifically for their composition, nutrients and calories. There are no calories to count. (500 calories). You stay on this for the remainder of the 25 or 50 day plan you’ve chosen until finished round. You receive weekly meal plans, recipes or you can create your own from list.

The Potent Natural Slimmers Formula allows you to survive on 2000 calories per day. Let your body work. You are not going to starve. The food quantities are generous. The Natural formula also assists in suppressing your appetite and accessing stored fats.

Maintenance– Lets stabilise. This is important for long term stabilising. Protein and food quantity is increased. Good oils and fats re-introduced.  The aim of Maintenace is to stabalise the weight and reset your metabolism. Just as important as previous steps. We want the weight to stay off. There is no need to be taking Natural Slimmer formula whilst stabilising. You can take Garcinia to help with the cravings during this period.

This phase is for the same amount of time you are on phase 2 or minimum of 2 weeks if weight is stable. if returning for another round. You go back to start. If not you move on to Life after losing.

Life after losing – Introducing foods slowly watching your bodies reactions to foods being reintroduced- You can now return to your normal 1200 – 1500 calorie a day eating plan. You don’t want to undo the work you have just done. We want to maintain this current weight. Still avoiding high carb and sugar foods where you can. Life goes on.

If you have more weight to lose, you skip this round and commence another round, where you begin to take the Natural Slimmers Soft Gel Caps or Diet Drops getting formula back through system again moving on to weightloss step again.

The VLC Natural Slimmer Weight Loss Products are available in Drops or Once a day Soft Capsule. Our formula is made from Natural Ingredients with a powerful herbal support. Taken in conjunction with our natural Slimmer Supplied Program, eating real food an average weight loss of 7kgs per 21 days has been recorded. Vegan and Gluten Free. Hormone Free. NO HCG Not synthetic – made from Premium Quality Ingredients. Packaged in Glass Bottles or SAFE P.E.T recyclable containers. Made in Australia & TGA listed. Free on going support, weekly meal plans private chat forum, recipes and more.

Please note you cannot follow the program without taking the formula. The product stimulate the Hypothalamus gland causing it to release fat stores and suppress appetite. You can burn up to 2000 of your own bodies calories per day along with a low sugar and low starch meal plan supplied. Your body has 3 types of fats. Structured fat (which you need and is found around vital organs) reserve fat (which is used for energy) and stored fat (the fat that just wont go). This product only accesses the stored fat, no muscle, just fat.

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